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A 39-year-old woman comes in complaining of red eyes and watery discharge. On exam, there is conjunctival injection, chemosis, watery discharge, as well as auricular adenopathy. No uptake was noted with fluorescein staining and anterior chamber was clear on slit-lamp exam. Which of the following is recommended?

Antibiotic drops

Cycloplegic drops

Needle biopsy of the lymph node

Ocular decongestant drops

Urgent ophthalmology consult

This patient has a classic case of viral conjunctivitis. Supportive care is in order. Ocular decongestants and artificial tears can provide some relief. Symptoms may take weeks to resolve. Antibiotics are not warranted when there is no sign of purulent discharge. Flare, cell and photophobia are signs of iritis, which should trigger a workup for systemic disease and is treated with steroids and cycloplegics. This patient has a clear anterior chamber.