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In examining a patient suspected of being infested with body lice:

Eggs and lice are usually limited to the patient's body and are unlikely to be found on clothing or possessions.

Egg casings are often found attached to the hairs of the arms and legs.

Lice infestation is a superficial problem and should not cause adenopathy or fevers.

Small pruritic erythematous spots on the skin are often found.

Furrows are pathognomonic.

Body lice and eggs are typically found on the inner surfaces of clothes in contact with the skin. The bites are small pruritic erythematous spots. Scratch marks may aid the diagnosis. Systemic reactions to lice feces and saliva, as well as pyogenic infections may lead to fever and regional lymphadenopathy. Egg casings are eccentrically located and firmly bound to terminal (thick) hair shafts. It is unusual to find lice on the fine (vellus) hair of the body. Furrows are characteristic of infestation by scabies mites.