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Choose the true statement concerning migraine headache:

Auras in patients with migraine may include hemiplegia, ataxia, or visual field defects.

The pain is typically unilateral and rarely becomes bilateral.

The site of recurrent migraine headaches typically varies somewhat with each episode of pain.

Migraines are often unpredictable and typically cause severe, sharp bitemporal pain.

The prodrome occurs before the aura and is usually manifested by symptoms of depression, elation, or hunger.

Migraine often occurs in a predictable time pattern for each patient. The prodrome precedes the actual attack by hours to days and is manifested by emotional feelings such as depression, elation, or hunger. The aura immediately precedes the headache. One model is that arterial vasoconstriction within a particular cerebral region dictates the nature of the aura, whether it be visual scintillating scotoma (occipital ischemia), hemiplegia (middle cerebral territory), or ataxia (posterior circulation). Arterial vasodilation then follows resulting in throbbing headache usually starting on one side but often becoming bilateral. Nausea and vomiting are typical symptoms.