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At the scene of an accident, the skills a first responder can perform include:

Spinal immobilization.

Needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax.

Manual defibrillation.

Establishing an intravenous line.

Using adjunctive airway devices.

The first responder is a nontransport provider, a BLS or ALS police officer or firefighter, the first person who quickly responds to the scene of an emergency to provide initial care. He does the initial event and patient assessment, as well as limited lifesaving interventions that include CPR, AED use, basic airway management, spinal immobilization, and control of bleeding. EMT-intermediate can establish intravenous access, manually defibrillate, use adjunctive airway devices, and administer limited medications. EMT-paramedic is the most advanced prehospital provider. He can interpret cardiac rhythms and perform invasive lifesaving procedures that include needle thoracostomy.