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Guérir parfois, soulager souvent, consoler toujours

—Ambroise Paré

I would like to dedicate this book to my father Dr. Jean Pierre Farcy for his love and for sharing his passion for medicine and life. Dr. Thomas M. Scalea for being a great mentor, teacher, and most of all a friend who is always there when I need guidance. To my Mother, Poeia, Eve, Frederic, and Sarah, for their patience, support, and unconditional love.

—David A. Farcy

To all those who have been influential to me: Terri, Anthony, Katherine, Victoria, and the extended Shock Trauma family.

—William C. Chiu

With much love to my wife, Seriti, and my boys, Sahm, Siahvash, and Kianoosh, whose patience and support make everything possible.

And with deep gratitude to my teachers, the patients, from whom I learned everything I know about medicine.

—John P. Marshall

To my amazing husband Jeff and children Ashley and David Osborn for their unwavering love and support. In loving memory of my mother Edna L. Medlin, who dedicated her life to education.To my father and brothers, W. Lee, Christopher and Mitchell Medlin for your love and encouragement. In appreciation of my mentors and educators, who provided the light of education and the example of ethics.

Most importantly, this book is dedicated to our patients and their families. To trust in our care enough to invite us into the most personal aspects of their lives, during their most vulnerable periods, is the greatest honor and responsibility any person or profession can be bestowed.

—Tiffany M. Osborn

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