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This edition, the eighth, is the second edition of the text retitled as Simon's Emergency Orthopedics, acknowledging the major contributions of the book's founding author and editor, Robert R. Simon, MD. I met Dr. Simon when I was a resident in emergency medicine at Cook County Hospital in 1999. Unlike some department chairs, Dr. Simon always preferred bedside teaching to any important meeting. And his bedside teaching in emergency orthopedics was the best I have ever experienced. His 2-day emergency orthopedics course was a highlight of the residency, and we are fortunate to have him continue to volunteer his time for this course annually so present and future residents in our program are not cheated of the same experience. When I was a young faculty member, Dr. Simon was always available to provide advice and counsel. In addition to career advice, he reminded me to reserve time for my family and, in particular, my wife. Dr. Simon is a true emergency medicine pioneer and leader in our field. It has been an honor to know him. No one is more loyal or hard working. As a mentor and friend, he has taught me more than I could ever repay.

Jeff Schaider, MD, our current chairman, has been supportive of me and this book from the beginning. Jeff is the consummate multitasker with the most positive attitude of anyone I know. It is a joy to be around him. He serves as my role model even though I know I will never match his abilities. Steve Bowman, MD, our residency program director, is the ultimate professional—a perfect example for our young resident physicians. He has carried the heavy load of the residency and allowed his assistants to explore their academic interests. In addition, the current and former residents in Emergency Medicine at Cook County deserve special mention. Their contributions and efforts do not go unnoticed. It is their drive to learn and serve their patients that pushes me to do better.

I want to further thank my colleagues/teachers/friends in Emergency Medicine. This includes members of the 2002 Cook County EM residency: Joseph Weber, Dan Belmont, Carolyn Clayton, Marc Doucette, Stuart Feldman, Danish Haque, Craig Huston, Tom Kirages, Anita Kulkarni, Ann Nguyen, Rahul Patwari, Martin Pitts, Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, Andy Skoubis, Courtney Wilemon, and Daniel Wu. Also, I would like to thank Connie Greene, Lauren Grossman, Shari Schabowski, Erik Nordquist, Shayle Miller, Ardena Flippin, Eric Reichman, Tricia Lanter, Chris Ross, Sharon Southe, Dave Levine, Dave Harter, Mark Kling, Mike McDermitt, Moses Lee, Leon Gussow, Isam Nasr, Kevin Kern, Steve Aks, Sean Bryant, Mark Mycyk, Jenny Lu, Mike Schindlbeck, Tarlan Hedayati, Dhara Amin, Rosi Fernandez, Sean Dyer, Patrick Hoffman, Trevor Lewis, Rob Feldman, Rashid Kysia, Neeraj Chhabra, Mike Nelson, Rebecca Roberts, John Bailitz, Michelle Sergel, Helen Straus, Joanne Routsolias, Kip Adrian, Dave Anthony, John Mulligan, Lucy Hammerberg, Roy Horras, Jennifer Rodgers, Karen Cosby, Lauren Smith, Pilar Guerrero, Austen Chai, Lisa Palivos, Jordan Moskoff, Joe Palter, Linda Kampe, Velma Richmond, Judy Williams, Mishele Taylor, Patricia Taylor, Estella Bravo, Hilda Nino, Lolita Adams, and Ethel Lee.

I would also like to acknowledge several others who brought this project to fruition. First, our authors, practicing across the United States, provided their unique perspectives in each chapter. You did an outstanding job, and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. I also appreciate the work of Jessica Gonzalez and Christie Naglieri, who reliably assisted in the early stages of author communications and editorial support, and Brian Belval, who was always available with sound and professional advice. I would not want to leave out Dinesh Pokhriyal whose attention to detail and timely responses put these pages together and kept the project on time. I also want to thank our artist, Jason McAlexander, for this edition of the book.

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to say thank you to my wife, Michelle, for all of her love and support during this latest edition of the text. My two boys, Mason and Colin, setting a good example for you is my most important priority. I'm very proud of you both and love you with all my heart. And to my biggest fan, Mom, for always believing in me.

—Scott C. Sherman, MD

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