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My love affair with pediatric emergency medicine has spanned four decades. I began as one of the first practitioners learning along the way-from continuous forays into the literature, from subspecialty colleagues and from invaluable interactions with many North American colleagues. The endless unanswered questions seduced me into a fulfilling career of clinical research. I am very grateful to the countless scores of patients who have taught me so much and to the many trainees and colleagues that keep me current and invigorated. The opportunity to edit this tome is a natural and treasured progression. The romance continues . .

  Milton Tenenbein, MD, FRCPC, FAAP, FAACT, FACMT


To the families/advocates, researchers, administrators, and clinicians who strive to improve health care infrastructures to deliver high quality care to ill and injured children. To the myriad teachers and learners who have taught me the art of medicine, the value of science, and the power of data and information. To my parents, who taught me the value of education and perseverance. To my brother, who early in life taught me the value of support. To Rodney, whose tolerance and compassion keeps me grounded. And to my children, Rachel and Jacob, who have redefined the lens through which I view pediatrics; who have given me indescribable purpose and endless joy; and without whom my priorities would be lost.

  Charles G. Macias MD, MPH, FAAP, FACEP


To Javaid, Mariyah and Aleena, for always believing that nothing is impossible and giving me the strength to follow my dreams.

  Ghazala Sharieff, MD, MBA


To the clinical and administrative staff of the emergency department at Kapiolani Medical Center For Women & Children: While we are a relatively small department, we have grown substantially and have been at the forefront of pediatric emergency care in areas such as electronic health records, medical error reduction, diagnostic imaging, pharmaceuticals, and the patient experience. Thank you for all my training and clinical experience at this one facility. Thank you to my many teachers and colleagues for all that I have learned. Thank you to Dr. Robert Wiebe and Dr. Marian Melish, as my #1 and #2 mentors during my training and junior faculty years. Thank you to my parents Eugene and Jean, my wife Patricia, and my children Julienne, Joelle, and Brennan for providing me with encouragement, support, and a wonderful family life.


  Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA, FAAP, FACEP

It was an honor to work on all of the editions of this textbook. To all the editors and authors with whom I worked, thank you for your excellent work. To my residents and faculty, I wish you long and successful careers. To An Ping, my wife of 45 years, I love you and thank you for your love and support. To my children and grandchildren, be wise, be strong, and help children whenever you get the chance.


  Robert Schafermeyer, MD, FACEP, FIFEM, FAAP

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