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I must thank my wife Kristi for all of her patience during this endeavor that took many hours. Phoebe, Joey, Kobi, and Freya always kept me entertained, day and night. Thanks to Ken and Russ for all the support and help.

I would like to acknowledge the support of friends, colleagues, current residents, and former residents in the Departments of Emergency Medicine at The University of Texas at Houston Medical School and Cook County Hospital. They provided friendship and encouragement and were always there when needed. A special thanks always goes to Bob Simon, MD and Jeff Schaider, MD who got me started and set me on this academic path.

The support from Janet Sherry, Yolanda Torres, and Jamie McCarthy, MD was invaluable.

I want to thank all the authors. Many of you are good friends that I cherish, and all of you gave of yourselves and your time.

Susan Gilbert is a wonderful medical illustrator and friend. Her input and assistance only added to the illustrations of the editions of this book. Working with her was easy, fun, and simple.

Thanks to all those at McGraw-Hill Education, especially Kim Davis and Amanda Fielding. The tracking of the chapters, communication, and assistance when needed made this edition easier to complete than previous editions.

Eric F. Reichman, PhD, MD

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