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Binita R. Shah, MD, FAAP

Distinguished Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Director Emeritus, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Kings County Hospital Center

Brooklyn, New York


Associate Editors


Prashant Mahajan, MD, MPH, MBA

Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics

Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Section Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

University of Michigan and CS Mott Children’s Hospital

Ann Arbor, Michigan


John Amodio, MD, FACR

Chief, Pediatric Radiology

Cohen Children’s Medical Center

System Chief, Pediatric Radiology

Northwell Health System

Professor of Radiology

Zucker/Hofstra School of Medicine

Hempstead, New York


Michael Lucchesi, MD, MS

Professor and Chairman

Department of Emergency Medicine

Interim Dean, College of Medicine

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Chief Medical Officer

University Hospital of Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York

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