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To Elizabeth, Davis, Natasha, Gabrielle, Rebekah, Elise, CJ, Chris, and Gracie…so grateful for your love and encouragement.

— O. John Ma —

This edition is dedicated to Emergency Physicians and all providers who are delivering cost-effective and accurate medical care, because they have embraced point-of-care ultrasonography as an essential component of their practice. I also thank my family for their continued support through the editing phase of all four editions of this book.

— James R. Mateer —

To my beautiful wife Julianne and my beautiful daughters Kylie, Kate, and Shea—thanks for your love and support.

— Robert F. Reardon —

To my wonderful wife Kristin and my amazing children Madison, Joselyn, and Vance—all my love.

— Donald V. Byars —

To my mom, Marianne, whose strength and courage has been an inspiration to me! Thank you to my wonderful wife, Lori, and children, Jacob, Adam, and Lucas for their loving support!

— Barry J. Knapp —

To my beautiful wife Meg, and my amazing children Norah and Hugo. Thank you for your patience and love.

— Andrew P. Laudenbach —

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