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Special thanks to the McGraw Hill editorial team for their superb guidance and execution of this edition. In particular, Amanda Fielding, Senior Editor, who got us started, Kay Conerly, Senior Editor, whose wealth of experience guided us, Christie Naglieri, Senior Project Development Editor, who kept us all on track with an aggressive production schedule, and Sarika Gupta, Production Manager, Cenveo publishing services who was very flexible and responsive to the smallest request or detail. Additionally, Becky Hainz-Baxter permissions coordinator for McGraw Hill went above and beyond and was invaluable in untangling permission issues. An atlas of this scope and complexity simply would not have reached such a high level of quality without their efforts.

On a personal level, the editors would like to gratefully acknowledge:

Our patients, for being such willing teachers; Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki, a special colleague, for his passion and generosity; MJ, Mimi and Stephen, for their unending love and inspiration.


The patients and their families who have allowed us to photograph their examination findings for the benefit of caring for others, I pray God’s grace and blessings on you.


Father Steve Roberts and Jim O’Dowd. Thank you for being part of my journey.


Lauren, Kate, and Ben—the cornerstones of my life. My colleagues and friends who have been so incredibly supportive at Skyline. My lifelong friends—the incomparable CHP, especially our beloved brother Trent (“AXE”) who is sorely missed. All the residents over the years who have allowed me to share in their journeys—it is an honor to have learned with you.


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