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Following the lead of the 7th edition of Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, the 7th edition of The Manual of Emergency Medicine has been upgraded more than any prior edition of the book. The reader will find more color images and radiographs including ultrasound and computed tomography scans to aid in diagnosis, more tables that summarize information, and more breadth in its coverage of the practice of emergency medicine than ever before. The Manual, and its predecessor the Companion Handbook, has been published in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, and Chinese, which reflects the growing number of emergency medicine practitioners worldwide. With each chapter we have tried to reflect the diversity of global disease, with our hope that additional new translations will be made available.

Despite these substantive changes, the original goal of the Manual is preserved in this new edition. This manual is written by and for active clinicians who are engaged in the day-to-day practice of emergency medicine. We hope that this handbook will assist practitioners of emergency medicine with the skillful and timely care of their patients in the emergency department. Each chapter remains succinct in its discussion of the Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Differential, and Emergency Department Care and Disposition of each disease entity. In this edition, we have increased coverage of pediatrics with new chapters on Hematologic-Oncologic Emergencies, and Renal Emergencies in children. Additionally we have new chapters on Low Probability Coronary Syndromes, Urinary Retention, Food and Waterborne Diseases, and World Travelers as well as increased discussion of toxicology and trauma. Color photographs and diagnostic images are embedded in their respective chapters for instant recognition of challenging and life threatening disorders.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Manual of Emergency Medicine chapter authors for their commitment and work ethic in helping to produce this handbook. All authors are experienced clinicians; we thank them for taking time away from their busy practices to summarize these topics. We also are indebted to numerous individuals who assisted us with this project; in particular, we would like to thank Anne Sydor, Jennifer Orlando, and Christina Thomas at McGraw-Hill Medical. Finally, without the love, support, and encouragement of our growing families, this book would not have been possible; DMC dedicates this book to Lisa, Jill, Oliva, Paul and Joseph; OJM dedicates this book to Elizabeth, Gabrielle, Natasha, Davis, and Sabrina; RKC dedicates this book to Marc, Matthew, Lissy, and Noah; GDM dedicates this book to Roo, Padre, and Steve; SHT dedicates this book to Caroline, Sarah, Alice, Cathrine; DAH dedicates this book to Nicole, Zachary, and Logan.

David M. Cline, MD
O. John Ma, MD
Rita K. Cydulka, MD, MS
Garth D. Meckler, MD, MSHS
Stephen H. Thomas MD, MPH
Daniel A. Handel, MD, MPH

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