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Diagnostic images provide crucial information for the emergent care of the critically sick and injured. Effective clinical care requires expertise in the rapid and accurate interpretation of the many radiographic studies and their nuances used in the emergency department setting. The Atlas of Emergency Radiology provides nearly 1500 carefully selected diagnostic images combined with succinct descriptions of the radiographic features of over 330 emergent medical diagnoses to facilitate its readers in acquiring this expertise.

The Atlas of Emergency Radiology is modeled after The Atlas of Emergency Medicine, Third Edition, in which the chapters are organized by anatomic region with a variety of medical conditions presented in each chapter. Similarly, The Atlas of Emergency Radiology is divided into 12 chapters by anatomic region and further divided into traumatic or nontraumatic conditions. All chapters are co-written by practicing radiologists and emergency physicians to maximize the expertise in describing the radiographic findings of each diagnosis and then the clinical applications of these findings. One specialty chapter on pediatrics is included.

Each medical condition is presented in the following format: radiographic summary, clinical implications, and radiographic pearls. The radiographic summary succinctly describes the radiographic findings necessary to support the diagnosis. The clinical implications section provides a rationale to bridge the radiographic findings to the clinical findings. Each diagnosis concludes with 2-4 radiographic pearls, choice tips, or unique aspects about the condition.

The editors wish to thank our colleagues in the radiology and emergency medicine departments at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for their congenial collaboration and for providing their expertise and valuable time in the preparation of the content. We also wish to express our gratitude to Dr. Anne Sydor, Executive Editor at McGraw-Hill Medical, Amber Allen, Managing Editor of Integra-Chicago, and Charu Bansal, Production Manager of Thompson Digital for their tireless efforts to make this book an academic work of excellence. Finally, we want to thank the users of this book and trust that it will serve you well as you care for your patients.

Jake Block, MD
Martin I. Jordanov, MD
Lawrence B. Stack, MD
R. Jason Thurman, MD

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