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Emergency Medicine Q&A: Pearls of Wisdom has been designed to provide physicians with a comprehensive, relevant, and convenient instrument for self-evaluation and review. The question type is in accordance with the format of the American Board of Emergency Medicine certification examination. Although this book should be helpful to residents preparing for the certification examination, it should also be useful for physicians in practice who are interested in maintaining a high level of competence in emergency medicine. Study of this review book should help to (1) identify areas of relative weakness; (2) confirm areas of expertise; (3) assess knowledge of the sciences fundamental to emergency medicine; (4) assess clinical judgment and problem-solving; and (5) introduce recent developments in emergency medicine.

Each question in the book is accompanied by an answer and a paragraph of explanation. A bibliography listing the sources used in the book is available.

Perhaps the most effective way to use this book is to allow yourself one minute to answer each question in a given chapter. As you proceed, indicate your answer beside each question. When you have finished answering the questions in a chapter, you should then spend time verifying your answers and carefully reading the explanations. Although you should pay special attention to the explanations for the questions you answered incorrectly, you should read every explanation. The authors of this book have designed the explanations to reinforce and supplement the information tested by the questions. If, after reading the explanations for a given chapter, you feel that you require more information regarding the material covered, you should consult and study the references listed in the bibliography.

Joseph Lex, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

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