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List of Cases

Case 1-1 Adult supraglottitis

Case 1-2 Toy balloon in trachea

Case 1-3 Push pin in bronchus

Case 1-4 Aspirated tracheal plug

Case 1-5 Airway angioedema

Case 1-6 Adult lye ingestion

Case 1-7 Pediatric lye ingestion

Case 1-8 Peanut allergy

Case 1-9 Pediatric smoke inhalation

Case 1-10 Airway foreign bodies: fishbone and toothpick (two patients)

Case 1-11 Airway obstruction from food

Case 1-12 Laryngeal fracture

Case 1-13 Difficult airway from a cervical spine fracture

Case 1-14 Severe cervical spine injury and difficult airway

Case 1-15 Swallowed keys

Case 1-16 Penetrating tracheal injury

Case 1-17 Facial gunshot wound with aspiration of the bullet

Case 1-18 Severe facial gunshot wound

Case 2-1 Turtle bite

Case 2-2 Multiple subcutaneous broken needles

Case 2-3 Gila monster bite

Case 2-4 Nail gun finger injury

Case 2-5 Nail gun injury to multiple fingers

Case 2-6 Nail gun injury to the hand

Case 2-7 Nail gun injury to the foot

Case 2-8 Finger stuck in a tire lug hole

Case 2-9 Finger stuck in steel pipe

Case 2-10 High-pressure hand injection injury with paint sprayer

Case 2-11 High-pressure injection injury of the finger

Case 2-12 Iguana bite

Case 2-13 Bow and arrow injury

Case 2-14 Gangrene from frostbite

Case 2-15 Diabetic wound gangrene

Case 2-16 Self-trephination of subungual hematoma

Case 2-17 Conradi-Hünermann disorder

Case 2-18 Impaled tree branch in leg

Case 2-19 Metal pipe impaled into the lateral knee

Case 2-20 Pyrotechnic rocket (firework) injury

Case 2-21 Pitchfork injury

Case 2-22 Deliberate self-inflicted impalement of a ball point pen

Case 2-23 Impaled metal pipe through the upper arm

Case 2-24 Mangshan pit viper bite

Case 2-25 Impaled wooden splinter

Case 3-1 A migrating lumbar bullet

Case 3-2 Ventriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction

Case 3-3 Hydrocephalus, subdural hematomas, and pneumocephaly

Case 3-4 Moyamoya disease

Case 3-5 Ossification of anterior and posterior longitudinal cervical spine ligaments

Case 3-6 Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament

Case 3-7 Ruptured dermoid cyst

Case 3-8 Ependymoma

Case 3-9 Dramatic thoracic and cervical spine injuries

Case 3-10 Pituitary tumor


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